About MarketOnTwitr

Marketontwitr(MOT) is simple and easy to use twitter app which gives you different ways for marinating your multiple twitter accounts and twitter followers. It is not only focused on these two features, marketontwitr(MOT) can also perform schedule tweets. If you are twitter user you must be interested in increasing your twitter followers. Marketontwitr(MOT) provides this feature for you and it is totally free. Now following your twitter followers is really easy, you don’t have to manually follow twitter followers who follow you. Marketontwitr(MOT) performs this feature automatically with your marketontwitr(MOT) account.

For availing the best features of marketontwitr(MOT) you have to perform a registration. You can register a free account on our marketontwitr(MOT) software. The most impressive feature of our twitter app is schedule tweets, if you are out of station you can set tweets for coming dates and our system will automatically generate and send that schedule tweet on the set date and time.

Along with all these amazing features, you can also make extended twitter profiles using our marketontwitr(MOT) account. This feature allows you to manage your multiple twitter accounts at the same time. It can easily save and manage your tweets as drafts that can be reuse in your marketontwitr(MOT) account. Our twitter app is like twitter software, which gives you a new and a better way to market your products and services using your multiple twitter accounts.

This twitter app enhances your twitter business that really helps in marketing your products or services in better way. Our twitter app tracks keywords for your ease, you can set keyword of your interest and our twitter app will automatically give you the desired result. This application also provides you direct messaging service for your new followers. This feature helps you to keep track of your twitter followers and also to be in contact with your twitter followers, ultimately improve and enhance your twitter marketing of services or products. Marketontwitr(MOT) is the best software for promoting your twitter business having multiple options in one place.


Be crowded with lots of Followers without having any fame

Now your wish of having lots of twitter followers is fulfilled by our twitter app. This twitter software gives you facility to add many followers and increase your productivity by promoting your services and products with twitter marketing. With marketontwitr(MOT) schedule tweets and be up-to-date with today’s world. Marketontwitr(MOT) is an amazing twitter app that is perfect for your business.

Bruce Colburn

sayingAmazing Stuff, Amazing workout, marketontwitr(MOT) has given me what I was looking for a Twitter Software that can provide Schedule tweets, Track keywords, Extended Twitter profiles, Save and reuse draft etc and I have found them all on one single place. I recommend everyone to give it a go, I am sure you won't be disappointed at all.saying

James Jone

sayingThe most impressive feature that I found on this twitter app is Schedule Tweets; it made my day when I was out of station. Great feature, I am really impressed with the layout they have. Please try it for yourself if you are a Twitter Junkie.saying

Alex Mart

saying My expereince with marketontwitr(MOT) has so far been awesome, the number of features defined on the site are very few, this site offers more than that.saying


Special Features

  • Schedule tweet campaigns
  • Track keyword + email
  • Reusable drafts
  • Manage Direct Messages
  • Auto Follow who follow you
  • Auto unfollow those who unfollow you
  • Auto Reply
  • Auto Bit.ly Shortening
  • Secure Twitter access
  • Manage Public profile Pages
  • Upload your product in each account
  • Feed your account with RSS
  • Account statistics
  • Save and Reuse Drafts
  • Send DMs to new follower